4th Grade Research Project

Step 1: Plan
Make a plan for your topic with your teacher. Before you even start taking notes on your topic, look at the rubric, so you'll know what you are required to do at every stage of the research process. Find the rubric here.

Step 2: Gather
After deciding on a topic and studying the rubric, decide how you will start gathering your information and how you will take notes.
Evaluating websites
For gathering information:
1. Use the symbaloo below, which has links to several great websites, online encyclopedias and search engines for you to search your topic.
2. Do a library search and see if the McGowen Learning Commons has any books you can use on your topic.

Here are some links to documents that you may use to take notes and organize your information.

Research questions template

Step 3 and 4: Synthesize and Organize
Graphic organizers:
KWL chart
Cluster/word web

Your Discovery Education log-in is:
Username: MKYs + 6 digit ID number (ex: MKYs123456)
Password: Grade level password

Organizing your information:
If you find pictures or start working on a document and you need to SAVE it, use Dropbox. Your teacher will give you the log-in information for your class Dropbox account.

New Don't forget to cite your sources! (That means giving credit to source where you found your information.) At the end of your presentation, you will have to list your sources. It's EASY to make a list of your sources by using a bibliography generator, such as EasyBib or BibMe. Click on the links below to create your bibliography.

Step 5: Present

We will make presentations with Weebly or Glogster EDU. For instructions and requirements for creating your own Weebly (website), click here.