3rd graders are doing studying Biographies. Each student will do research on a famous person from history or the present, and create a TIME Magazine "Person of the Year" cover.

First, complete research using the Blendspace below and library books.
Use this note-taking page to jot down information about your person.

After your notes are complete, get your Magazine cover ready by choosing the most important facts about your person and filling in this template:
Person of the Year Planning Template

Once your planning template is complete, you will go to Big Huge Labs (website) to create your digital magazine cover:
Big Huge Labs

Your magazine cover must include:
1. Picture of your person
2. Publication date (Significant date in his/her life)
3. Quote by your person
4. Price of magazine
5. Name of person
6. Magazine title and tagline
7. At least 5 facts about your person

Here is the Blendspace with links for research:

Here are a few samples of Magazine covers:

Here are OUR projects! Created by Ms. Ellison's class: